Through sincere practice you can develop greater physical, energetic and spiritual awareness. Your consciousness grows brighter and the pure inner consciousness awakens your senses and opens the eye of your Soul. When the soul awakens we can discover our values, the purpose of our life and are able to experience seamless peace in our hearts. By taking good care of our body, physically, energetically and spiritually, we develop the capacity to create a life that is beneficial not only for ourselves, but also becomes benevolent to the Earth, and everybody around us. ~


When we move we build a powerful circulation. when we have a powerful circulation we will build a powerful immunity. From a powerful immunity we gain a steady sense of integrity. When we stay noble and humble in our integrity, we emanate dignity. Dignity is graced by divinity and boundless love is received in return. Where all relationship are and will be restores. It is Atonka’s wish to share a library of movements with you, to help build stamina, self-illumination and boundless love.

With a background in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Qigong, Tao Holistic Healing , Mantra Medicine and Brain Education. Atonka has been offering classes, lecture, workshops and retreats for more then 25 years.