When i opened my eyes, everything was white, as a white steam of Qi. In that moment, I noticed all the internal elements changed. The green forest became white bamboo, earth turned into luminous essence. The kidney transformed into the symbol of a white sea. The metal of my lungs crystallized into a diamond breath.  The intensity of the smell was like the fragrance of a white flower. The sound in my voice sounded like a sensuous hummingbird. Wherever I walked I had a white Siberian tiger walk along beside me (in the subtle realm, which I could see).  For seven months I was unable to grasp a thought or a concept. And the meridians (energy pathways) looked like making shiny rainbow people. The only way I could express myself accurately was through sacred geometry and symbols. Where suddenly squares, circles, triangles, light, sound, calculation and numbers had a meaning. I noticed the light of a lightening stroke carried a tiny residue of the light I experienced.That day transformed my life. That day opened me to an awareness and consciousness I’ve not known before. I knew I wasn’t to erase this experience. I was to learn to walk forth in the world with and from a new vantage point to grow and learn.- 

I began to share with what I know for sure:

Life is undying

I awakend to, that life and death are one

that they are a principle of order and reality, two energies, that can be of service to Love, Wisdom and true Happiness

Through the expereince of oneness i became to know, that the soul is the guiding light and purpose of life.

 Divinity always gives us a vision, that helps our soul grow the most

and every time we transform, becoming our vision, we are then shown a new vision and a more expansive point of view.

I witnessed, that the spiral of the evolving soul continuous to take us from one level of understanding

to the next level of learning, of experience, and the experience is eternal.

All obstacles offer a positive growth to our souls.

In challenging moments i think, without the Earth i could not have life

without life, i could not have character,

without character i could not have a vision, without a vision i could not have a sense of purpose.

Walking with purpose helps me remember why i am here. On Earth

I realize, what is often perceived as crossing to the “other side,” from life to death, is not a crossing, but a conscious realization of the invisibility of the energetic qualities in ourselves,

experienced as unbounded divinity.


This i know for sure!!


free to love