Atonka is a compass of boundless love, endlessly giving to create new life. She believes that everything should be done in a sacred manner, with sincerity love and devotion, with a firm conviction that true living means virtually perfecting ones souls, ones spiritual existence in tune with life, the people, the animals, the trees, the stars, the water, the rocks and the universe.

By helping nurture the growth of her dream, Atonka endeavours to inspire through living by example. In the soulful depth of her eyes she describes her way in the realization of: “ Being yourself holds the quintessence of all healing, language and heart knowings, at all levels of consciousness and understanding. By being who you are truly, it awakens all of you, it awakens the existence of life, where there is no beginning and ending, but a oneness of a complete embrace, where boundless love, energy and infinite sharing is possible.


But many people have difficulties finding their vision. Atonka believes that the individual vision need to be so deeply fulfilling that it goes beyond our mortal self, but is rooted in the beauty of immortal qualities guided by a pure divine spirit. Atonka invites you to polish your dream - to make the dream so deeply fulfilling that even you would love to return, after your physical passing.


Say YESSSS! Keep awakening, be clear of your knowledge and your wisdom, be courageous in your truth. Speak with love and deliver with grace and soft eyes. Simply make use of your true nature. Spread and share it widely. So far that it has the capacity to touch deeply. Stay noble and humble for a divine culture to rise and blossom. Keep brighten your original spirit, keep loving, keep growing and expand your courage. Listen deeply to the voices of our children and act and share with a heart so very wide open that it never needs to expect anything in return.

Keep manifesting humbly until the dream is completed - that is enough.


A deep desire penetrates Atonka’s passion in helping grow love and a bright future throughout all of her creations. Atonka believes…… that everything has movement, circulation, integrity and immunity in this world. She encourages everybody to polish there dream until you find sincere circulation with all of creation, To never give up the sensation of a powerful will, the feeling that resides beyond the mind, but is part of the mind. To build, soulful creations that are deeply rooted and go far beyond our past and immediate future.

May the why help you remember why you are here on Earth, and to focus on just that. ~ Atonka