The Journey of the SOUL


1. From Earth (Water) to Heaven (Fire) to Sacred Human (Steam of Qi)

2. From Sacred Human to Healer to True Creator/Divine Teacher

3. From Balance (health) to Harmony (peace) to Beauty (happiness)

4. From Beauty to Spiritual Discipline to Divine Walking

5. From Sacred Human to Divine Being to Pure (Creative) Consciousness

6. From Healing, to Wholeness, to Holiness (Vitality)

7. From Mental Light, to living wisdom, to Lifetime happiness

8. From Sacred Song, to Subtle Body, to Universal Consciousness

9. From living sample , to collective sharing, to magnificient servitude

10. From SOUND to Meaning (message) to SERVICE (action)

11. From Breath to Intuition to Devotion  (Freedom)  

12. From Mortality to Immortality to Dignity (Celestial Light)

13.  Unbounded, undying, unconquerable, indescribable reality  ~ Atonka